Project Update (VA-RCM) – “A line 3 train will experience the early detection of door faults”

Train doors represent the most critical element of the trains and the source of between 25% and 50% of technical incidents, especially in a subway system, where the opening and closing actions are constant. Improving its reliability is key to raising the availability and quality of the service. For this reason, the Department of Engineering of the Mobile Material of Metro works on the search of increasingly robust technologies and to equip the tools workshops that allow them to further improve their productivity.

Project partners and the aim of the project

The partners of the VA-RCM project (HITEX, TSCTMBTWI and InnoTecUK) form a balanced international consortium whose goal is to promote a very innovative system of supervision that is based on cutting-edge technology that uses advanced algorithm vibration analysis techniques.

Its unique characteristics allow a precise evaluation of the operating state of the doors of the train and communicate any irregularity of the subsystem long before the breakdown occurs.

Rail operators, such as TMB, and passenger train manufacturers will benefit from the VA-RCM system, which will improve the operation of the trains doors, reduce the breakdown rate and delays in service, as well as lowering the maintenance costs.

It is also projected that, a test train will begin to circulate in February for underground line 3 equipped with an innovative system for controlling the opening of doors to reduce its failures, as one of the practical applications of the European program for the promotion of research and Horizon 2020 innovation.

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Article credit : Oriol Parriers @ ‘TMB Noticies’ – Translated for our readers