Pleased to announce our contribution to a workshop for Engineering students in India resulted in over 90% of attendees understanding more about ROS…

We are pleased to announce that our contribution to the ROS Workshop targeted at Engineering students and researchers in India resulted in over 90% of them having a clearer understanding of ROS, their career paths and the future of robotic software engineering using ROS.

Our Technical Director Prof Gurvinder Virk and ROS expert Angelos Plastropoulos on behalf of InnoTecUK shared their ROS know-how, and offered coaching on other research and work-related topics via a webinar to the students who were very eager to learn more about ROS: “The most demanded software for robotics enthusiasts”.

InnoTecUK will alongside other stakeholders in robotics and automation technology, continue to lead the way for more innovative and ethically sound techniques for engineering students, researchers, designers and robot manufacturers. Our vision remains the same “To set standards in robotic and automated solutions through innovation, quality and commitment”.