TidalSense Demo

Demonstration of a Condition Monitoring System for Tidal Stream Generators 


The TidalSense Demo project has been conceived by the SMEs intending to exploit a new market with huge potential growth, in Condition Monitoring of subsea energy device elements using the TidalSense System.

The TidalSense Demo condition monitoring system has been developed to detect, locate and classify defects in tidal generator structures. The Demo project will allow the SMEs to demonstrate and validate their system so that they can gain a lead in this emerging market, providing condition monitoring services and components to tidal energy operators. The SMEs will draw on their in-house research capabilities and those of participating research organisations, who will supply support to the SMEs.

Project Objectives

The TidalSense Demo project is aims to:

  •  Apply novel LRU (Long Range Ultrasonic) and AE (Acoustic Emission) sensors to inspect tidal stream generators, allowing 100% volume coverage.
  • Apply novel and flexible piezocomposite transducers to LRU/AE allowing perfect adaptation of shape to structures of complex contour, and thus perfect acoustic coupling into such structures.
  • Use guided wave in new applications.
  • Develop instrumentation and software for LRUT and AE monitoring of tidal generators.
  • Develop signal processing techniques for signal enhancement including novel time reversal focusing.
  • Develop an automated defect detection and classification system (ADDS) including trend analysis which combines AE and LRU in an integrated way.
  • Implement general wireless communication methods so that the data can be collected and transmitted both from generators directly to the office, without human intervention.

 TidalSense Demo is a result of a research project funded by the European Commission Research Programme under grant no. 286989.