High Temperature Pipe Structural Health Monitoring System utilising Phased Array probes on TOFD configuration



Uncertainties in the calculation of the lifetime of super-heated steam pipes in power plants that contain a minor defect create situations with potentially catastrophic results, typically costing €120 million per event.

Super-heated steam pipes are periodically inspected and depending on their defects sizes they may be replaced after a lifetime assessment has been performed. Common errors in defect sizing create dangerous situations as size underestimation will result in a pipe prone to failure. Inetec and Enkon, often face this difficult issue when performing inspections for their customers, thus the need for a frequent in-service and accurate monitoring of defects on pipes was identified. 

Project Objective

The final goal of the HotPhasedArray project is the development of a Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) system for super-heated steam pipes.


The expected benefits of the project are: 

  • Increased safety in electrical production power plants.
  • Elimination of catastrophic accidents from super heated steam pipe failures.
  • Decrease of the required shut-down time for inspection purposes. 
  • Increase in confidence in the operational safety of thermal power and nuclear energy plants. 

HotPhasedArray is a result of a research project funded by the European Commission Research Programme under grant no. 605267.