InnoTecUK’s ground-breaking collaborative project RobFMS is mentioned in a UK government press release

Robots to Inspect, Maintain and Repair in Extreme Environments

InnoTecUK’s RobFMS collaborative project is mentioned in a press release by the UK government’s Department of Business, Energy & Industrial strategy as one of the ground-breaking UK Demonstrator Phase 2 projects with the potential to provide safe and cost-effective robotic inspection and maintenance systems for oil and gas pressure vessels and offshore wind turbines located in difficult to access or hazardous areas where human intervention presents high safety concerns.

The final output of this phase 2 project will see the development of an automated bio-fouling management robotic system called RobFMS; capable of carrying sensors and navigation systems to detect cracks and other types of defects on offshore wind turbine monopile foundations and nuclear decommissioning facilities, located in hazardous areas, where human intervention presents high safety concerns. See more on this article here

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