InnoTecUK was at ASNT (The American Society for Non-destructive Testing) 2018 Annual Conference in Houston, Texas

ASNT – Where the NDT World Comes Together

InnoTecUK was in Houston, Texas at the 2018 ASNT (The American Society for Non-destructive Testing) Annual Conference.  While at the conference, material was presented on some of InnoTecUK’s groundbreaking collaborative projects: RisureSure™, SIRCAUR, RoBFMS, RobotX, iFROG.

Running for over an astounding 75 years now, the ASNT Annual Conference is described as the single largest event for the likes of researchers, technicians and industry professionals involved in non-destructive testing and materials testing.

We were delighted at the attention and feedback received following the conference and will continue to, through our work, make known are contribution to the field of Robotic Engineering to ensure a better and safer future for us all. 

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