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Innovative Product for Train Door Condition Monitoring Based on Vibration Analysis Algorithms

Website: http://www.va-rcm.co.uk/


Train door failures are the largest single cause of delay and disruption of rail transit services, being responsible for more than 30% of the total delays. Various incidents have been reported including doors opening while the train is in motion, or people getting injured through a trapped body part because of the door force control system not working properly.

It is therefore imperative that the causes of such incidents are treated effectively. These facts clearly show that there is a strong need for a technological solution that could ensure the smooth operation of train door systems. It is this need that highlights our unique business opportunity. By continuously monitoring the condition of the train door actuators, we can enable train operators to plan their maintenance schemes much more efficiently, and reduce or eliminate unforeseen door malfunctions which lead to delays. This way, train operators will be able to significantly cut down the costs described above, as well as establish the necessary safety standards to protect passengers from train door related accidents.

Project Objectives

VA-RCM constitutes a total solution for train door condition monitoring, enabling condition based preventive maintenance directly out-of-the-box. The sophisticated analysis algorithms will be part of the embedded software running on the VA-RCM hardware modules. As a result, the system will require minimal effort to setup and no programming experience for successful operation.

Most importantly, VA-RCM’s technology will be an enabler of condition-based maintenance schemes. Its defect detection software does not rely on secondary censorial data such as door opening/closing speed. It moves one step beyond by using vibration analysis algorithms to investigate the power distribution over the frequency spectrum of the signals obtained through an integrated accelerometer.

This way, VA-RCM is able to detect defects as they develop before they are traceable through secondary effects such as door motion slowdown. This is significant as such secondary effects may only arise after severe damage to the door mechanism has already occurred.

Project Benefits

  • A customised damage detection and anticipation system for the user
  • Connection to cloud data network for easy access of information
  • A means to mitigate risk and improve current railway design. 

News and Updates

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Commission under grant agreement no. 730766.